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Product DISSA

Unique Applicator DISSA dissymmetrize drinking water, which facilitate the treatment and prevention of chronic and acute inflammatory, autoimmune, allergic, oncological diseases and helps the rapid restoration and preservation of health, longevity and rejuvenation of the body!


According to the World Health Organization (WHO) data, a human health in 80% depends on the quality of drinking water!

Humans consume a water that passes sewage treatment plants and water pipes, also a bottled water bought from supermarkets.


Our health, duration and quality of life depend on characteristics of drinking water.


Pure natural “living” water possesses dissymmetry*. Professor Michail V. Kutushov for the first time in the world evaluated the dissymmetry of living organism and water. A dissymmetry coefficient obtained a unit of measurement called DISS. 

We are offering to you to <ginger up> a drinking water with our invention the DISSA applicator,  which will dissymmetrize water and assign it natural and relict properties.

Applicator DISSA is a polymer card with a metalized detector in the centre of it and the predefined dissymmetry of 36, 72 or 144 DISS, it sets dissymmetry to water molecules, its ensembles and clusters so it <revives> water. 


Upon such an impact the water does not only acquire exceptional dynamic properties and ordered structural characteristics but also gets into the body with a high dissymmetry, so the body doesn't have to spend a free energy for the "establishment" of water molecules into the living system of an organism.

    Due to the reason all of us, adults and children, drink bottled and tap water with low DC of 2-3 DISS, it is necessary to increase the potable water dissymmetry up to the level of 36 DISS.

   Well known that in the modern world with a poor ecology, by 40 years old humans feel that the body requires attention, support and care - health begins to worsen, and it just feels lowering vitality power. To overcome all these problems it's necessary to drink dissymmetrical water with a higher DC equal to 72 DISS so to help the body.

     The gradual change –over from DC equal to 36 DISS to the dissymmetrical water of the higher DC equal to 72 DISS, and later with DC equal to 144 DISS  rejuvenates the body and solve many problems related to keeping it in a good shape as well as related to the health state.


* For more information please read on website


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1. Place a white sheet of paper on the table.

2. Place on this sheet the DISSA applicator with the metalized detector upwards.

3. Put a transparent glass or plastic container with bottled potable water or filtered tap water on the DISSA applicator.



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